The BEST wind blown attractant!
Attracts deer from every direction!
Effortlessly maintain a year round dear population!
East Texas' best kept secret!

HaveMoreDeer is
100% natural and 100% effective
HaveMoreDeer is NOT a liquid
HaveMoreDeer is NON - hormonal
HaveMoreDeer is NOT a pheromone


Billy Roy's HaveMoreDeer (an old family recipe for attracting deer) is licensed by The Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service. HaveMoreDeer is sold online, is for sale in over 140 feed and sporting goods stores in 9 states and is being distributed in Canada.

Other deer attractants make claims, but our unique HaveMoreDeer recipe has proven itself for generations. Attract whitetail, blacktail, fallow, red, roe, mule deer, and others. It is still mixed using grandpa's recipe, and deer still love it!

The sweet taste and delightful scent of this unique blend of herbs, spices, and grain has been known to lure deer from up to 3 miles away! Many customers have also seen results within minutes of applying HaveMoreDeer.

HaveMoreDeer contains NO sugar. Sugar based attractants can clog your feeder when exposed to moisture. HaveMoreDeer will not clog feeders and is actually enhanced by the moisture.

For our original bottled HaveMoreDeer, simply sprinkle/mix the deer attractant with feed corn, soy beans, or your favorite feed and watch your deer activity quickly increase. HaveMoreDeer will work all by itself if you prefer to not use any type of feed. Please take a look at Billy Roy's suggested usage methods to help you decide the best method for your application. The feed acts more as an incentive to encourage deer to move their bedding areas where you want them. The HaveMoreDeer scent attracts the deer and the one of a kind taste keeps them coming back for more.

Great for wildlife enthusiasts AND deer hunters!
Build wildlife management areas.
Build deer leases with an abundance of deer.
Photographers use it to capture "the perfect shot!"
Realtors use it to lure deer to rural sale properties.

HaveMoreDeer has even been used to lure deer away from an area!

Visit one of our dealer locations or order online now and
dramatically increase your deer population!!

HaveMoreDeer is known to attract many species of deer all over the world; including The United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Great Britian, France, Italy, and Russia.

HaveMoreDeer is also available in select stores.

1000's of satisfied customers AND deer!

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